3 Day   Masterclass 

Certificate of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is as old as civilization itself.
Whether you wish to begin a new career, add this modality to your tool box or simply for personal development, this course is for you.

This 3 day Internationally Accredited Hypnosis Course allows you to add the following to your tool box Hypnosis:

>> Smoking Cessation

>> Weight Management

>> Self hypnosis

>> Sleep Hypnosis

>> Pain Control

>> Performance Enhancement

>> Relaxation techniques

>> Plus much more

You will be eligible to join the American Board Of hypnotherapy (International Accredited) and the IICT

This 3 day small group certification allows you to be given individual attention by Sandra, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist who has helped many clients achieve results.

The Course Includes

  • Hypnosis history

  • Demystifying hypnosis

  • Tasking of clients scripts

  • Client referral templates

  • Client in-take templates

  • Client follow up

  • Business strategy and plenty of hands on experience.


This is an entry-level course suitable for people with no experience of hypnotherapy. 

We will teach you everything you need to know to begin supporting clients with:

  • Weight management

  • Performance enhancement

  • Pain control

  • Stop smoking

  • Relaxation techniques


About Your Teacher

Sandra Madafferi is a Coach and Strategist based in Melbourne, Victoria.


She is currently in her 3/ 5 years of becoming a Master Trainer of NLP


She works with individuals and businesses globally who are ready to make sweeping changes and create powerful mastery in their personal and professional lives.

She has been delivering meditations to individuals and groups since 2013.


Sandra's qualifications:

Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® Hypnosis and NLP Coaching

Reiki Master Teacher

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics

EFT Practitioner

Meditation Instructor

Practitioner of Quantum Consciousness™

Past Life Regression Practitioner

Cert IV in Training and assessment


In 2011 the life she knew was turned upside down.  Through this adversity Sandra began the journey of transformation and realised the fullest expression of herself. Through her continued learning and exploration she started to master how mindset can create positive changes and allow you to control your own destiny. Once she opened to this new level of possiblity she was able to stand up as a leader and mentor and start sharing these tools with her community and clients.


Sandra combines together her work with both the right and left side of the brain to help clients accelarate their own journey and create success in the key areas of their life and business.


'For true change only starts to happen once we begin to understand ourselves and integrate all of ourselves in all aspects of our life and we start to move forward in ways we find unimaginable.' - Sandra Madafferi


    • A brief history of Hypnosis
    • What is  Hypnosis
    • The 3 stages of Hypnosis
    • The 4 types of brainwaves
    • The Conscious and Subconscious Minds
    • NLP Communication Model
    • Rapport & Sensory Acuity
    • Milton Erikson Language patterns 
    • Suggestability tests & Convincers 
    • Anchoring Techniques
    • Different Induction Techniques
    •  Metaphors and Hypnosis
    • Step by step client sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, performance enhancement, relaxation, pain control, Self Hypnosis & a bonus Children's Hypnosis )
    • Hypnotic scripts, including weight loss, smoking cessation, performance enhancement, relaxation, pain control, Self Hypnosis & a bonus Children's Hypnosis )


    • Steps for on-going client sessions
    • Tasking for clients
    • Session recommendations for weight loss, smoking cessation, performance enhancement, relaxation, pain control, Self Hypnosis & a bonus Children's Hypnosis )
    • How to conduct a Group Relaxation Script
    • Business & insurance 
    • Contradictions to Hypnosis 
  • Extra requirements

Certificate Of Hypnosis 

You are extremely important to us. 

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Your Bonuses

  • 120+ page Manual

  • Small Group Learning

  • Hypnosis text book

  • Full Recognition with the IICT

  • International Accreditation with the American Board of Hypnosis

  • Support group

    Facebook lifetime student support group 

Here's what past students are  saying...

Sandra, Thank you so much for the past 2 weeks. They have been amazing. Uncomfortable at times, but amazing, and necessary for my growth.

So thankful that I seen your post and you responded to it. I can not have imagined doing this with anyone else.

Working with you has changed my life!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart 💜💜

Donna Clark

Certificate of Hypnosis,  Certificate of Meditation, Master Practitioner of NLP

I was attracted to Sandra in energy about 1 year ago when I saw a FB post. I can not say that I was actually looking, but when I saw the post, I immediately just knew that this was what was next for me. Sandra offers a unique blend of being a businesswoman that is also spiritually connected, which was a match for my own personal energy. I new that I could learn from her easily and this believe held true.

The Course was held in her home, but never left too familiar. The energy was set for business and an obvious genuine commitment to her participants gaining as much of her knowledge and text knowledge as possible. Upon reflection, the other thing that really worked was the way that she made the process seem easy, simple and achievable for everyone. She did not bring her own ego into the Course. Just a passion for what she does, which is contagious. She truly cares for her Clients and I believe will have a duplicating effect on her students.

The Course delivery was very hands on and real and did not feel “teachy” at all. It felt as if we had stepped into a previously set outcome and were simply on the journey of that being fulfilled. Sandra had very clear and honest communication with all of us, which allowed me (and I think all of us) to feel at ease.

Julie DeBondt

I have just finished Sandra's first online 3 day Hypnosis Course, a few weeks beforehand I also completed Sandra's first Online 8 week Meditation Course. Sandra has a wonderful way of teaching and sharing her knowledge. Sandra truely wants you as the student to be the very best you can be and she helps you every step along the way to achieving that. The courses were ran professionally without hickups. Being online you are still getting 100% of Sandra and 100% of the information you need. Thank you Sandra for such a wonderful experience..

Jodie seamons

Certificate of Hypnosis,  Certificate of Meditation, Master Practitioner of NLP

I highly recommend Sandra. She is not only passionate she is a highly skilled trainer. I would not learn under anyone else. She spends the time to ensure her students understand what they are learning and ensures they are equipped and ready to use their newly acquired skills. I have not had any other trainer that has gone to the efforts Sandra does. I highly recommend her .

Rita Thomas 

NLP- Practitioner

Can I just say that Sandra is amazing, as both a teacher and a coach. I have now completed 4 of her trainings, the most recent being NLP Master Practitioner and her wealth of knowledge and relevant experience is absolutely invaluable. It’s so inspiring (and reassuring) to have a teacher who has not only been where you are but also share the multitude of examples of how she has actually used the material she is teaching in practice. Another massive advantage of learning with Sandra is that she runs her trainings in small groups so everyone gets a chance to discuss and work things out. I felt that if I didn’t understand something she wouldn’t move on to the next thing until I did.

Can't wait to take the next step in my business with all of this new knowledge and experience. Thank you Sandra!!


Meagan Smith

Certificate of Hypnosis,    Master Practitioner of NLP

The Cert in Hypnosis was a fabulous course to experience.  I say experience because it isn’t simply training, it is experiential.   For me, the greatest aspect was when I opened my mind and thinking from “I’m hard to hypnotise” to “I wonder what will happen if I simply allow myself to experience this fully “. That opened up a whole world for me, and also provided a reference point that it IS possible for anyone to experience and benefit from the gift that is hypnosis.

Sandra is a true gem and I am incredibly grateful to have come across her and said yes to myself in taking up her training.  Her dept of knowledge is excellent, and her willingness to have fun, play and infuse the skills of hypnosis into our being tangible.  Sandra’s prep, materials and choice of venue (central) were outstanding – especially placing the course materials in a ring binder, rather than fully bound resource.



Certificate Of Hypnosis